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U.S. Solar Report is a home solar advocacy site designed to provide readers with the truth about the solar industry from an industry insider. The primary objective at U.S. Solar Report is to save you money should you decide to go solar. It’s your home, your roof, and your money so you should be the beneficiary from your home solar power production. You’ll find some interesting insider information you may not be able to find elsewhere. Home solar is one of the leading scientific advancements in the past fifty years and has paved the path for the future of power creation and consumption in the U.S. and around the world.

Try to imagine the impact solar will have on society a hundred years from now? Think about how clean the air will be because of renewable clean energy. Think about how much noise we live with every day and how much of an impact solar will have reducing noise pollution.

Each and every one of us is going to play a part in the advancement of solar. Just like the record industry couldn’t imagine vinyl records going away, it’s equally as hard to imagine oil not playing a major role in the global economy. That will be a reality a hundred years from now along with unimaginable improvements in efficiency of everything around us.

Our Purpose Is To Help Provide Important Information You Need To Make An Informed Decision for Going Solar

ron-hunnewell-founder-editor-u-s-solar-report,I observed from the very beginning of home solar in Florida that there wasn’t any advocacy for the consumer. I was very disappointed to learn that all the information online was being provided by the companies selling solar, but unfortunately, they only tell you what they want you to know. I quickly observed there was important information many home solar companies weren’t providing online. U.S. Solar Report is here to provide important insider information to help you make an informed decision.

I have extensive experience in the solar industry working primarily in sales. What I learned from the beginning is that a top solar sales closer knew how to present all the upside of solar and distract you from the price tag. We were trained to sell at high prices using sales techniques that at times seemed misleading leading to me. My understanding of misleading is it’s a deceptive lie, used in the automobile industry for decades. Omitting important information is the equivalent of lying and in my opinion. U.S. Solar Report is here to provide the information you may not find elsewhere and hopefully help homeowners desiring to go solar save money!

U.S. Solar Report articles have answers to the many questions you may have about home solar. How much does home solar cost? is solar profitable? How home solar works? What to be aware of when purchasing a home solar system? How to prepare for going solar? and so much more…

Ron Hunnewell Founder and Editor of U.S. Solar Report and Florida Solar Report

U.S. Solar Report Is A Solar Energy Advocacy Publication

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