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The Problem With Solar Energy

The problem with solar energy, u.s. solar report,

The problem with solar energy is there a few small obstacles to get over and they have nothing to do with performance. The main obstacle is you can’t wear it, drive it, feel it, or taste it. Now of course you can see the panels but you can’t see the power actually being produced visually. Very simply put it lacks the bright shiny object we have been accustomed to getting when spending over $10,000 for something.

Home solar is incredibly beneficial from a cost perspective, solar costs less than the power company. Any homeowner desiring to have a smaller carbon footprint can now do it and make money from it.

Not that long ago the utility companies were looked at with disdain and they were considered to be tyrants because they didn’t have any competitors. Now the power companies are embraced for the simplicity of it compared to the perceived complexity of home solar. The power company doesn’t require a long-term commitment.

Suddenly the convenience of power-on-demand with the power company has more appeal than home solar. Considering producing your own power is very profitable in 2020 and beyond, the percentage of homes going solar in the United States is rather dismal.

Even The Rich and Famous Can't Help Home Solar Energy

When you have a list of names like Pierce Brosnan, Jane Fonda, Lisa Ling, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Maroon 5, Bryan Cranston, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, Leonardo DeCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Edward Norton and a whole bunch more who have advocated for solar and it has had no impact you know you’re dealing with something totally unique when comes to marketing a product.

A group of some of the most famous people on earth combined that will probably sell over a trillion dollars worth of products in their lifetime, and they don’t have an impact promoting solar! This raises the question if all those celebrities that have endorsed solar publicly, and it hasn’t helped, exactly what will work?

Things Have Changed

Many of you might not remember we had what is called a PSA (public service anouncement) which were paid for by the government . These PSA’s addressed forest fires, littering, illegal dumping, and seat belts just to name a few. It took a herculean effort to create public awareness to get public co-operation but it worked. The big conglomerate media outfits hated the PSA’s because they could not charge the same rate as a regular advertiser was charged. The government decided not to do PSA’s any longer and de-funded the program.

That same herculean effort is needed for solar to help homeowners get informed why solar is really a great idea. PSA’s is the best form of advocacy for so many things not just home solar. With home solar, it feels like every day that goes by is a wasted opportunity to make some real progress for the environment. The problem with solar energy is lack of advocacy.

Advocacy Has To Fill The Gap

The need for a famous spokesperson is the best solution for the solar industry. It’s wonderful that all the famous celebrities have endorsed solar publicly but google who is the face of solar advocacy and that person does not exist. This is where it really gets tough for the industry because far too many of these solar companies are here today and gone tomorrow and make no contribution for overall advocacy of home solar.

Something That Makes Home Solar Super Attractive? Saving Money!

The cost of a home solar system is more efficient and less costly in 2020. Home Solar is now an excellent investment from here on out because the cost per kWh is less.

Let’s say you considered going solar in 2017 but then decided not to. If you used an average of $150 a month in power then you gave the power company $5,400 and you have nothing to show for it. In this situation it’s a wash because you would have paid at least $5,400 more than today for that same solar system because it was relatively new technology.

The same scenario will not be true in 3 years from now because solar systems will not get much cheaper if at all. Going solar and making a lot of money from does require good timing. It’s critical in order to get the maximum benefit from solar you need to have an excellent roof, air conditioner and led bulbs throughout the home. To achieve maximum benefits of solar a home must be as efficient as possible so you can get a smaller solar system for less money. See: How To Prepare for Going Solar

The Problem With Waiting To Go Solar

The Federal ITC Tax Credit was implemented to motivate homeowners to go solar and it hasn’t worked effectively enough. Unfortunately it’s going away by the end of 2021 so the waiting period is over and time is running out. Federal Solar Tax Credit 2020: Step By Step Guide

Home solar installation and activation averages about 60 days from beginning to be turned on. But no company can guarantee the cooperation of the power company to get it turned on in less than 60 days.  The permit , architectural design, panels and equipment averages about 30 days. The inter-connection is dependent on the power company changing out the meter so the system can be turned on. That is out of solar companies hands but the power companies are pretty cooperative. So, when your talking about going solar for the tax credit savings, which is substantial, time is running out quickly.

Unfortunately the tax credit worked just well enough for the solar companies to exploit it for their own gain. This is where the biggest problem comes in for home solar, the buying experience has been dismal. In a brand new industry, that’s disastrous because the industry needs Great Reviews in order to flourish! The neighbor starts asking questions and not liking what they are hearing at all. They are hearing a complicated story and grief, and who the in their right mind would sign up for that! Fortunately that time has passed and going solar is a great investment in 2020.

It's The Perfect Time To Go Solar But Then.....

The prices are down the tax credit pays for over a quarter of the costs and the timing is perfect. A homeowner can make really good money from having solar in 2020 and beyond. Then along comes Corona virus, ughhhh!

The problem with solar energy is multi-faceted from not being that bright shiny object to poor reviews because of solar companies unscrupulous methods of marketing home solar, which is a horrible representation.

Considering home solar is an excellent investment, guaranteed to make you money, you would think more homeowners would act but they’re not. The problem with solar energy is it has no famous spokesperson, no one powerful leader in the industry, it’s not a bright shiny object, you can’t taste it, wear it, feel it, or drive it.

Home solar needs to be viewed as like buying a stock that is guaranteed to show an excellent return on investment. Reducing a homes carbon footprint while making money is a good deal! That’s it, there is no other benefits from home solar but you would think that would be good enough but apparently it’s not and that’s a crying shame! See: Why Solar Now: It’s a Guaranteed Investment!

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