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Solar Is No Joke

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Solar is no joke, just ask the big oil companies if you don’t believe me. The time has arrived where the cost of clean energy is cheaper than dirty energy. Renewable energy can now compete with fossil fuels for cost, because renewable energy is cheaper in 2020. Fossil fuels can’t compete with renewable energy when it comes to pollution.

Big oil has moved into a phase they have never experienced before, that is competition. This is an important fact because in 2020 and beyond fossil fuel companies aren’t really sure if their price points are going to be sustainable? Oil companies are having to decide whether to wait or pull it out now because at some point in the future oil costs will plummet. Some people didn’t think that would happen with coal, but in the U.S. coal is like camera film, here today gone tomorrow. Big oil isn’t going away overnight but it will be diminishing quite dramatically over the next thirty years. When it comes to the big oil and the power companies revenue, solar is  no joke!

Computer Models Are Going To Lead The Way

Computer models are going to develop the best laid plans for a solar powered future. Certain companies have super computers that model the future of energy. What these super computers will do is create a road map for energy production and demand. Super computers will create the most practical way of how to transition from dirty energy to clean energy on a mass scale. We just needed the cost of home solar to become cost feasible and that time has come.

Solar Is Opening Up The World To Electricity

Solar is by far the best option for the average homeowner because every home has a roof to put it on. Logically speaking who wouldn’t want to own their own power-plant? Home solar can also be installed ground level in areas with good sun exposure. Globally the majority of solar installations are in remote areas where they never had access to grid power. They do not have the luxury of grid-tied solar so they depend on battery storage systems.

The homes and farms around the world in remote areas are putting a lot of pressure on companies developing storage batteries because of the potential windfall for whoever creates the best storage technology. Right now that company is Tesla because they have a massive advantage over the competition.

Tesla Will Be The World Leaders In Storage Technology

Tesla’s rapid advancement for self driving green energy automobiles has rapidly advanced storage battery technology. At this moment Tesla might be leading in electric automobiles but they have an immense amount of competition coming down the pike.

Tesla appears to have no competition when it comes to their battery storage technology brought on by the demand for sleeker electric automobiles. Although they may have major competition with automobiles they will be the world leaders in storage battery technology and own the patents. Nobody will be able to compete with Tesla in the world of batteries. But in the grid-tied states battery storage isn’t an issue because you get to use the grid for storage.

Grid-Tied Solar Is The Solution To The Storage Problem

Grid-Tied solar is when you have a power meter that measures power coming and going, so you’re never disconnected from the power grid. Any unused power produced by a homeowner is stored on the grid. Homeowners only pay for the monthly service charge to the power company unless they exceed a solar systems production. No renewable energy produced is taxed.

When homeowners consume more power than a solar system produces they pay for the difference only. Power companies charge a cheaper rate for the first 1000 kWh’s used but then penalize excessive use with a higher rate. If your solar system is slightly undersized it’s not so bad because you will pay the power companies base rate and the monthly service charge.

An undersized home solar system offers the best return on investment because you’re receiving “full credit per kilowatt” from the power company. If the base rate of the power company is .13 cents a kWh then they might pay you .04 cents for any additional power produced. You see what I mean by “full credit” your getting .13 ROI versus .04 ROI and that is a night and day difference.

The Consumer Is The Beneficiary of Grid-Tied Home Solar

Grid-Tied solar benefits the consumer not the power companies. For a monthly service charge you have a parking spot for your energy produced. This wasn’t the power companies idea at all, to the contrary, it was the voters who decided!

Grid-Tied solar is perfect for the homeowners because you don’t need battery storage. Storing power produced would make solar a great deal more costly. There are some people who have to have back-up battery storage because of medical conditions.

Long term power outages are far too rare to warrant spending the money that batteries and generators cost. Not only is a generator expensive but the fuel is also costly at the time of use. Another one of the many reasons why renewable energy is better is because of grid-tied solar.

Overall Solar Is No Joke!

Grid-Tied solar is a nightmare for the power companies because it’s sure to reduce revenues. Fortunately for homeowners that go solar have the laws on their side. It would be difficult to imagine the power companies changing these laws, because homeowners will not cooperate. Bottom line is homeowners get to store power for just a service charge. This is a great deal for the homeowners!

Solar is no joke to the power companies because it’s harming their profit ratio. The oil companies are in a quagmire because of the unpredictability of demand. See: 2 Home Improvements That Pay For Themselves

Solar Is No Joke To Big Oil and The Power Companies!

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