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About Solar In Florida

Florida Solar Report has many helpful and informative articles about the home solar industry. Learn how solar companies over-charge for a solar system but now there is a better way to go solar. Florida Solar Report is a consumer-friendly solar advocacy website just like U.S. Solar Report.

Each state has laws and rules that vary, but either of the aforementioned advocacy website has important information. Florida Solar Report is a first of its kind solar information website. It keeps the focus on what’s best for the consumer. It’s a true solar advocacy site that genuinely cares about the spread and use of home solar.

As the chief editor of Florida Solar Report, I have extensive solar training and sales experience. Florida Solar Report and U.S. Solar Report are basically whistleblower websites providing solar industry insider information. Both sites report the inside information solar companies don’t want you to know about their sales tactics.

That’s what we are all about, helping and guiding people toward what’s best for them. These sites do not represent solar companies because they’re the ones that focus on all the fluff and withhold important information. All the solar companies do is talk in circles about technical aspects of solar. Solar companies use the solar tax credit as a distraction, and did I mention the tax credit.

An advocacy website will provide you with the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s exactly what we do for the home solar consumer.

Learn more about the 26% Federal Tax Credits for going solar.

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