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Why Is Renewable Energy Better is because it’s infinite and clean. The fact that humanity has developed the majority of it’s technology based on the use of fossil fuels is intriguing.

Thomas Edison absolutely loved solar and truly believed it was the direction to go, this is one of his many famous quotes: “We are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around the house for fuel when we should be using nature’s inexhaustible resources of energy – sun, wind, and tide. I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy, what a source of power! I hope we don’t wait until we run out of coal and oil to do that.”

Considering Eddison was the inventor of modern electricity as we know it today it makes me wonder why nobody listened to the genius. Unfortunately he could not figure out how to make DC (direct current) cost feasible because it would have to be done on a home by home basis. So it makes sense that power stations at that time could only be done with Tesla’s AC (Alternating current) because homes could get power from a station and not have to spend any money in advance.

We knew then and we know now the biggest issue isn’t harnessing the sun’s energy, it’s storing it for on-demand use that has always been the challenge. Grid-Tied solves that issue and insures that any under-performing system will not leave you without power.

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Grid-Tied Solar Is The Solution To The Storage Problem

Grid-Tied solar is when you have a power meter that measures power coming and going, so you’re never disconnected from the power grid. You only pay for the monthly service charge to the power company unless you go over your solar production. None of the energy produced by your solar panels is taxed.

When you consume more than you produce you pay for the difference only. Power companies charge a cheaper rate for the first 1000 kWh’s used but then penalize excessive use with a higher rate. So if your solar system is slightly undersized it’s not so bad because you will pay the base rate with very minimal if any taxes, and the service charge.

The Consumer Is The Beneficiary of Grid-Tied Home Solar

Grid-Tied solar is for the benefit of the consumer not the power companies. For a minimal charge you have a parking spot for your energy produced. This wasn’t the power companies idea at all, to the contrary, it was the voters who decided!

Grid-Tied is perfect for the homeowners because you don’t need battery storage. Battery storage would make solar a great deal more costly. There are some people who have to have back-up battery storage because of medical conditions but most don’t need it.

Long term power outages are far too rare to warrant spending the money that batteries and generators cost. Not only is a generator expensive but the fuel is also costly at the time of use. Another one of the many reasons why renewable energy is better.

The Primary Focus of The Solar Industry Is The Advancement of Storage Batteries

The ultimate desire for most homeowners is complete independence from the grid. Many homeowners want to have power during extended power outages. Home solar batteries are the answer to energy independence, so that’s what companies are focused on.

Solar panels improvements are advancing incrementally because the technology is already in an advanced stage. The better something is the harder it is to improve it, not so with battery back-up systems. Battery back-up systems are advancing at an accelerated rate because there’s so much room for improvements.

Battery advancements are rapidly developing because of industries unrelated to home solar as well. The solar industry is the beneficiary of Tesla’s development of battery-operated automobiles. Tesla has put a tremendous amount of costly research into battery storage for obvious reasons. I expect there will be monumental advancements in storage system batteries relative to any other technology involving solar.

Automobiles, artificial intelligence, and every imaginable advancement to come will be dependent on a battery back-up system. Just another reason why renewable energy is better.

The Biggest Reason Why Solar Is Better in 2020 Is It's Profitable

Home solar started out very expensive but has come down in cost quite dramatically. Solar was commonly selling for as much as $4.30 a watt in the past four years. Now it’s not uncommon to get quotes for as little as $2.50 a watt because of competition and lower cost of equipment. The best reason why renewable energy is better, because it’s profitable.

At 2.75 a watt a 7K system costs $19,250 and can produce about $150 a month of electricity which totals $45,000 over a twenty five year period. That total does not include price increases in the next 25 years or the federal tax credit. Your no longer paying the power company $150 a month that you would without solar. Another reason why solar is better than any other power source available.

It’s important to make sure your getting the best equipment because of improvements it’s more productive. Consider using “Your Solar Advocate” Consulting Firm. When you hire a “Your Solar Advocate” you receive expert guidance through the entire process of going solar for less. A sales rep is looking out for their own interest and the company they represent. A solar advocate represents your interests exclusively.

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