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Why Is solar better for a new house is because everything is in sync. The roof will age simultaneously with the solar system. The appliances and A/C & Heat are more efficient, conserving power consumption. A more efficient home uses a smaller solar system and it will cost thousands of dollars less. See: How To Prepare for Going Solar to learn how to make any home perform at top efficiency before going solar.

A new home is much more efficient because everything is brand new. Unfortunate as it may be a 7-year old A/C unit will be more expensive to run because it is less efficient than a new one. That applies to all of the appliances in the household. Washer, dryer, dishwasher, A/C, refrigerator, that’s a mountain of efficiency.

So why Is solar better for a new house is because it’s about everything in the house that’s more efficient. Can’t imagine having anything less than 100% LED lighting in a new house as well ridiculously more efficient.

The more power a home consumes the bigger solar system required. This suggests that making any home more efficient before going solar is best. A new house is already ready to go, operating at peak efficiency requiring a smaller solar system.

A New House Provides The Best Return On Investment From Solar

In 2020 and beyond home solar is profitable. It would be difficult to lose money going solar in 2020 because the prices are so competitive. The price per kilowatt is dramatically lower and solar systems are more efficient. The key to making money from solar is to buy right. No different than any other investment, the less you pay the better the return on investment. Home solar is an investment inside of an investment, because the home itself is an investment. See: Why Solar Now? It’s a Guaranteed Investment!

You can pay for a new roof, new solar and new A/C just from the money earned form having solar.

Below is a chart to show an example of the potential savings in twenty five years because solar panels have a twenty five year warranty. This how much you will pay the power company based on a $150 a month bill.

Below Is An Example of The True Cost of Power Over a 25 Year Period Including Increases

When calculating the value of your solar production over a twenty five year period use the your present day average monthly bill and multiply x 12 Months x 25 Years and add 10% more and that’s a realistic price increase over twenty five years. The reasoning is in over the next twenty five years how we obtain our energy is going to diversify. So fossil fuels will probably go down in cost quite dramatically or at minimum hold steady and that’s what dictates power price increases. I’m sure power companies will figure out a way to justify a higher price but it doesn’t mean they’ll be effective at doing so.

Average Monthly Power Bill

x 12 Months

25 Years X 1800

10% Total Increase Over 25 Years

Total 25 Year Power Cost Estimate

Average Power Costs Monthly for 25 Years

$150 A Month

$1800 A Year




$165 A Month Average Power Costs

                         A Realistic View of The Potential Savings

So the truth is if your average power bill of a $150 a month will average about $165 a month over the next  25 years (300 Months). So we know the accumulative value of your power cost $49,500, that’s what you pay the power company in twenty five years. Now we have the value of the power lets compare that to the cost of a solar system that produces that power. Used extremely low price increases, only $4,500 in 25 years may be a bit low. Knowing the cost of the power will show what the real value of home solar is and if it’s for you.

Any Home That Has Solar with High Efficiency A/C and Appliances will Save So Much Money it Will Pay for It's Own Replacements In 15 To 20 Years When They Will Be Needed - Using The Money You Were Paying The Power Company!

A Solar of The Above Example Can Be Bought for Under $20,000 Completely Installed

If your solar system costs $20,000 and it produces $49,500 worth of power in a 25 year period that’s a profit of $29,500 you made versus the power company. You can do a whole lot of home improvements down the road with $29,500 profit! Keep in mind you would have paid the power company the $49,500 and had nothing to show for it in 25 years.

Why Is Solar Better for a New House, Because It Will Make You Money!

A new house can possibly lose money over time but home solar is a guaranteed investment. Nothing in a new home actually makes you money like home solar, some things may help conserve energy but only one thing can actually produce energy and that’s solar!

Energy has value and always will until the end of time. Although we are less dependent on fossil fuels we are a long long way from independence from fossil fuels. The reason we are so far away is the continuous increasing demand of power because of the digital revolution. Many experts warn the demand for power can possibly double over the next 30 years. This scenario will certainly drive the price of energy up but with solar in a new house the cost is going down every year that goes by.

A Solar Powered House Saves Money From Day One

Why Is solar better for a new house is also because there isn’t any down time. The solar system is fully operational the day you move in without any hassle.

The cost of the solar system is already calculated into the mortgage so there isn’t a need for separate financing. The house with solar has the cost of solar calculated into the selling price so there is less risk of losing money because of solar, if needing to sell quickly.

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