The Truth About Solar In Florida

The Truth About Solar in Florida is the price solar companies are charging is over-inflated. It’s very hard to get a deal on solar in Florida because every solar company has to add on an additional $7000 or more to every deal.

That’s $7000 over above the cost of solar panels, equipment, and Installation just for the company to break even. For a breakdown of what the cost totals checkout “Can I Do My Own Solar“.

A Suspect Business Model

The truth about solar in Florida is the solar companies use a business model similar to car dealerships. They use high-pressure sales techniques, they may appear passive but trust me they are using subtle but effective sales methods. The sales staff trains morning night and day specializing in selling solar.

Home solar prices should be less but the customer pays the additional costs which inflate the price. The majority of these extra costs are not paid out by solar companies until they get paid, either in cash or by the finance company.

As a result, all the additional costs are just for them to breakeven on any deal. Now, these companies are adding an additional $5000 to every deal for a profit. That comes to a total of at least $12000 added on to the cost of the panels, equipment, and installation on every deal.

The Cost of Solar Systems Have Been Over-Inflated in Florida

The salespeople are not trained to lie but many of them do to get the sale. The state of Florida lacks any form of advocacy for the buyers of home solar. I would describe it as the wild west of solar, there is no consumer protection to speak of and that’s a crying shame.

Home solar is great and is a good investment so long as your not paying an exorbitant price for it. If you buy solar right it pays for itself in 5 to 9 years with the same money you would have paid in electric bills. After 5 to 9 years your generating free home electricity, the system is designed to last 25 years or more.

Solar Is A Sound Investment

15, 20 or 25 years of free power is a really nice return on investment. That’s why solar is a really good investment but you must buy it right.

Whatever you do don’t finance for twenty years, it not a sound return on investment. If you’re going to go solar then checkout “Your Solar Advocate” a solar consulting firm. They walk you through every step of the process including buying your equipment wholesale.

Just writing this article makes me realize why less than 2% of Florida homes have solar. That’s a tragic statistic because solar is incredibly helpful for the environment.

Something has to give, and I do know for a fact that homeowners can now save an absolute minimum of $6000! This idea should get the ball rolling for “a better way to go solar” in Florida. The rate of solar installations in Florida is dismal compared to many states that don’t have as long of a day. “Your Solar Advocate” is the best idea to get the ball rolling to help Florida become a leader in solar technology.

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