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Floridians Can Save Money with Solar

Now Floridians Can Save Money with Solar because now there’s a better way to do it. But there are some things everybody should be aware of before deciding what’s best.

The biggest reason why you can save money now is that you can hire “Your Solar Advocate”. All the solar companies are overcharging because of the additional costs over and above the solar panels and installation.

I’m sure you may be wondering what is a solar advocate and I will get back to that? But first, there are some things you need to know?

All the solar companies have blogs to provide you information about buying solar. They want to harass you with sales calls and emails to get a sitdown meeting about going solar. This aggressive method automatically puts the potential buyer on the defense.

Hard To Find Objective Information About Solar

They all use these blogs to get a lead but they are not offering any deals. The problem with all these companies being the sole provider of solar information is you only get the best part of the story. You don’t get any real worthwhile information about the real total costs from any of them.

They all go straight to the ITC (Federal Tax Credit) and add in a bunch of confusing information. They pretend to be helping but their not. Well, that’s about to change now, because this is a “solar advocate blog” website, designed to provide the unvarnished truth.

Solar Companies Have Excessive Overhead

The most important thing you need to know is all the solar companies use the same model with a few exceptions. Those exceptions are lone installers working with little or no overhead. But unfortunately, they can only do so much so their hard to find and they come and go.

Solar companies all endure a $7000 to $10,000 add on to the cost of solar panels and installation. That’s for them to just breakeven, then they add another $5000 for-profit. I know this may sound crazy but it’s a fact. To see a cost breakdown I refer you checkout “Can I Do My Own Solar“.

Trained Vultures

The business model is, getting your lead information, set-up a meeting they’ll tell you is an hour don’t believe them. When you meet with them you will be exposed to a high-pressure sales pitch in your home. It really is an auto dealership pitch but it’s in your house.

Then they’ll require all of your personal information to do a “HARD CREDIT CHECK”! That’s right, most of them won’t give you any more information than you already know if you don’t.

These are trained savages, they make upwards of $3000 per close on average. I’m sure you can relate to a car buying experience, now imagine that in your living room.

Now There’s a Better Way To Go Solar

Floridians Can Save Money with Solar and have an opportunity to actually profit it. The single biggest drawback I encountered was a twenty-year plan to pay-off a loan and reap the full benefits of going solar. People are not going to get anywhere near the maximum benefits that way. Why, because of interest eats up your upside. At best you are washing one bill for another.

It’s simple and there are no high-pressure sales, involved. “Your Solar Advocate” is a free service and can save you a minimum of $6000. Learn how to make money from a solar system and not pay that additional mark-up every company adds on because of overhead costs.

The No Pressure Way Saves Big!

If you would like to speak with an expert solar advisor simply fill out the basic info form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.

You get the same prices as the solar companies pay, and the same quality of equipment or better for less. You get walked through the entire process from beginning to end. Now Floridians Can Save Money with Solar!

Now Floridians Can Save Money with Solar - Be Sure to Check-Out US Solar Report

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